Spreading God's Love

At Delaware Grace, we reach out to serve others and help them know the spiritual freedom that comes through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We strongly believe that service is itself a means of worship and is essential in the discipleship process. At Delaware Grace, you can give your talents and passion and help spread the Gospel to the nations.

And he said to them, "Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation." Mark 16:15


Our goal as a church is to reach our community for Jesus. One of the ways we do this is to serve on 5th Sundays. Each month that has 5 Sundays (typically 4 in a year) we serve at several locations throughout the community during our normal church service time. These serving projects include cleaning, packing pet food, small construction projects and various others - anything we can do to help those in need. Join us next time as we share the love of Jesus throughout Delaware County!


Christ commissioned the church to make disciples of all peoples. We do this by partnering with our Global Teammates, Encompass World Partners, who share the gospel, plant churches, develop leaders, translate the Bible, provide clean water, care for orphans, and do countless other things all in the name of Jesus.  The missionaries are partnering with people in the Central African Republic, Chad, Cameroon, El Salvador, Germany, France, Japan, Brazil, United States, and Montenegro,  Many individuals also sponsor children through Compassion International.  Most of those children are in El Salvador.

Our Missionaries

Delaware Grace supports missionaries through EnCompass Ministries.  We also support projects and schools in the Central African Republic.

  • Rachel Bauserman

    Rachel has been serving in Nagoya, Japan, since 2012. She served first as a teacher and now is a member of the MTW Next Asia-Pacific team. Next exists to serve the global church in reaching the nations and next generation for Christ.

    Rachel serves missionary families through education resourcing and relational ministry to their kids. In this role, she has the privilege of traveling to visit missionary kids as well as investing in their lives at MTW country, regional, and global events.

    She also serves All Nations Fellowship in Nagoya through student ministry, hospitality, outreach, and event planning. Her home is a safe place where both Christians and those who have never heard the gospel gather multiple times a week enjoying the grace of Christ through a welcoming place and sharing life with the people of the church.  

  • Greg & Sandrine Burgess

    Greg works with Encompass publishing, where they produce books, Bibles, and bible software in French.   Sandrin teaches in a local French school.  They are involved in a French church in their town of Macon.   They have 4 children. Encompass productions are for French speaking Africa as well as France.  They also produce children's books and have done a comic style Bible for youth as well as the African study Bible.  

    Without a doubt, the Great Commission will be fulfilled on not one platform, but on thousands; not by one creative idea, but millions. The creative media Greg Burgess has developed over the years is one of many innovative pursuits for reaching the nations around the world today. He saw the need, saw the potential, and took action to make exciting things happen.

  • Jason & Christy Carmean

    Jason is the director of the Bible Institute in the Cameroon where  he is responsible for the raising of local pastors.  Christy is the principal of the small missionary school in town. They have 3 children, Micaela, Alyssa, and Josiah.  The two girls are in college her in the United States.  They are all currently in the United States but Jason, Christy, and Josiah will be returning to the Cameroon to continue Jason's work at the Bible Institute through Encompass Partners

  • Kristina & Josh Carter

    Due to the passing of Carolyn, Kristina and Josh have left their home in Bosnia and returned to the United States.  Kristina will continue in a support role for the team, working remotely to encourage and coach the teammates as they work to share the gospel message in Eastern Europe. She will also provide coaching to the European Area especially related to team visions, mission statements, and communication plans.

    Pray for our family and our team as we all adjust to many changes.  Transition is hard, and as you pray, ask God to fill each of us with his peace and comfort as we all grieve.

  • Compassion International

    Pray for the students, their families, and the Compassion staff.  Pray for Pastor Angel Rivera who had been a leader there for a very long time. The support through Compassion International gives a child life-changing opportunity to develop spiritually, emotionally, physically and economically. It's a relationship more powerful than poverty — changing their life and yours! A donation provides:

    • Health Care
    • Age-Appropriate Christian Teaching
    • Hygiene Training
    • Education & Vocational Training
    • Nutrition & Water
    • Mentorship, Guidance & Love
  • Steve & Celeste Kern

    In recent years, God has brought nearly two million migrants and refugees to Germany. After serving in this country for six years back in the 90s, Steve and Celeste are following God’s call to rejoin the Encompass staff here with a heart to minister to the least reached in Germany, where they are joining an international team of disciple-makers.

    They are excited that God is bringing the least reached within reach. Their vision is to see an international church established in Germany where people of different languages, backgrounds, and cultures can find their place in a local body of Christ. 

    Thank you for partnering with Steve and Celeste. Your support helps them to realize their vision. Your gift allows this couple to live and serve the least reached during a tumultuous time in their lives as they seek a new home and a new life.

  • Matt & Boo Kuchers

    Since 1995 we have had the privilege of sharing Christ with hundreds of students and leading many to a personal faith in Him though our connection with CRU.  Every year a growing number of students become "fishers of men" (Matthew 4:19) leading more of their friends, roommates and teammates to get involved. There is still strong opposition at this school to sharing Jesus Christ and His message of love, hope & eternal life, but nothing seems to thwart God's movement on this OWU campus.

    We also have a growing Coaches Ministry at OWU...a majority of the teams are represented and we are seeing these "Team Leaders" place their faith in Jesus.  As well, many of them are influencing their fellow colleagues in the athletic department toward a personal relationship with Christ - "...faithful men who will be able to teach others also." (2 Timothy 2:2)We have recently launched a growing & successful ministry to CEO's, Entreprenurs and Influential Marketplace Leaders ~ The "Athletes of the Marketplace" ~ called "MI3" (Men of Influence Influencing Influencers). They are BEING TRANSFORMED TO TRANSFORM their lives, marriages, families, workplace and respective communities.  So, in addition to the growing impact that we have on the universities, we are also WINNING, BUILDING & SENDING these marketplace leaders!

  • Mary Kate Kuchers

    I was offered a teaching position at a school in Montenegro!  It’s been clear over the years that campus ministry was so good for me but now the Lord is leading me elsewhere.  I am switching to a ministry that allows me to be a teacher.

    I’m in process of switching to  Grace Global Ministries based out of Cedarville. and Delaware Grace will be my  partner church through GGM.  I leave to go back to Montenegro on January 24th to begin my new teaching position.  I'm excited to see what God has in store for me.

  • Hand in Hand Schools

    Throughout the villages scattered across the rolling hills, plains, and jungles of the Central African Republic (CAR), thousands of orphaned children struggle to survive. In this culture, it is required that when someone dies, his brother adopts his children. As a result, most families here have more children than they are able to care for.

    To meet this need, we partner with local churches in the CAR to provide three years of foundational schooling for these orphaned kids. This ministry is called Hand in Hand, and we currently have 40 schools that care for around 1,800 children.

    Our gift supports these partnerships by providing school supplies, salaries for the teachers, and meals for the kids. Not only does this relieve their families, but it also paves the way for these children to get an education, opening doors to countless opportunities down the road when they are adults.

    And since these schools are partnered with local churches, they are built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, and they teach of Him and His love to kids who don’t know Him yet—which could change their lives forever.

    We support two schools run by the church in Sakpa. Our two teachers are Jean Pierre and Ortance. Both have been serving in this position for several years.  

  • The Timothy Project

    For over a decade, the Timothy Project has connected students at our Bible Institute in the Central African Republic (CAR) with sponsors who support their education. In addition to assisting students, this initiative helps local churches as these students become church leaders after they graduate. The Timothy Project is now expanding to support students in Chad and Cameroon, and we are looking for 50 new sponsors. We thank God for those who have supported the Timothy Project for over ten years! Pray that God raises up additional partners as this ministry expands.